Product Care

In order to keep your KEM product in good condition, we suggest you follow the subsequent suggestions for its care:

  • Do not grind your product on rough surfaces. Show special attention on the product's leather parts.
  • Protect your product from humidity and make sure it does not come in direct contact with sources of heat, such as radiators or the inside of a car in the summer.
  • Avoid any contact with fluids, hand creams, make-up, perfumes or any other substances which could deteriorate your product through color transfer (magazines, newspapers, other leathers).
  • If your product gets wet, dry it with a light colored, absorbing cotton cloth.
  • When you do not use your product store it in the protective fabric/woven bag which is given to you during the purchase. Do not store the product in places with high temperatures or humidity.
  • In case you wish to clean your bag, we suggest that you contact us in order to give you instructions depending on the product material.