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Backpack in Nappa synthetic material

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    Backpack in Nappa synthetic material. Flap closure. Practical and spacious interior with a zipped pocket and mobile support.
    • ItemId : 136171 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Name : Backpack in Nappa synthetic material cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ItemCode : 35628A cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ContentProviderCode : AE.EM.35.628A cm (H) (W) (L)
    • EntityId : 19 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ImageLocation : /images/136171/sakidio-platis-se-synthetiko-yliko-nappa-normal.jpg cm (H) (W) (L)
    • UpdatedOn : 3/10/2021 3:53:40 PM cm (H) (W) (L)
    • SEOName : sakidio-platis-se-synthetiko-yliko-nappa cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ProductItemId : 136171 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • CreatedOn : 2/18/2021 4:00:05 PM cm (H) (W) (L)
    • UpdatedOn : 5/14/2021 6:03:47 AM cm (H) (W) (L)
    • SKU : 35628A cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ManufacturerProductCode : 35628A cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Name : Backpack in Nappa synthetic material cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Description : Backpack in Nappa synthetic material. Flap closure. Practical and spacious interior with a zipped pocket and mobile support. cm (H) (W) (L)
    • IsBundle : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • IsBundleStockAutonomus : True cm (H) (W) (L)
    • AllowWholeSale : True cm (H) (W) (L)
    • AllowRetailSale : True cm (H) (W) (L)
    • AllowReview : True cm (H) (W) (L)
    • AllowRating : True cm (H) (W) (L)
    • AllowGiftWrap : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • MeasurementUnitId : 1 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • TaxClassId : 1 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Stock : 1 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ReservedStock : 0 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • AvailableStock : 1 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • AvailabilityTypeId : 1 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • CreatedOn : 2/18/2021 4:00:04 PM cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ItemStatusId : 0 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • IsDeleted : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • ContentProviderId : 3 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • TemplateId : 3 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • IsReturnable : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Product type : 1 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Is Part Of SeoName : True cm (H) (W) (L)
    • SearchKeywords ItemId : 136171 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Is Overweight Product : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Material (Detailed Desc): Smooth synthetic material
    • Hardware color: Silver hardware
    • Inside styling: Inside zipper pocket and mobile pocket
    • Closure set: Flap Closure
    • Interior lining : True cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Height : 30 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Width : 11 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Length : 32 cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Cotton dust bag : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Made in Greece : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Collection Name: Nappa
    • Material: Synthetic
    • Only one left : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Notify me : False cm (H) (W) (L)
    • Season Code : 050 cm (H) (W) (L)

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Backpack in Nappa synthetic material
68.00 € 58.00 €